Saturday, May 16, 2009

Silkscreen Madness!

We've got great graphics like these popping up all over the shop! On spring scarves, skirts and dresses, tops and tees, and even undies! For women and men, and kids too, we've got great graphic prints to brighten up every day.

Come poke around the shop to see our full selection! From the top left corner: Men's tops, tees and hoodies printed by silkscreen artist Yasmine Louis. A close-up of a print from a Candi Factory top. A bird on Candi Factory undies. "Where's my bailout?" frog on a tee from Odd Bird. A squirrel on a skort, also from Odd Bird. A print on a dress from Whirl Girl. A bulldog with a pipe on a tee from Odd Bird, a horse print, also Odd Bird. And a bird print on a dress from Candi Factory.

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