Saturday, May 16, 2009

Spring Critters

No lack of critters in the store this season! 
We'll start with our feathered friends....always popular & more so during the Spring.
We have a stylized owl necklace, bird-on-a-branch silhouette necklace, bird's nest necklace & 2 kissing swallows with crystal heart necklace all set against a bluebird tank top.

We have a stylized woodpecker duo necklace that looks great against traditional floral prints (as shown below) as well with modern or plain prints....a versatile jewellery piece indeed!

Lots of insecty action happening too!
Check out the beetle domino pendant, spider web MP3 cover, bumble bee silhouette necklace & bee-on-a-sunflower brooch set against a beetle t-shirt.
Wear these around town & people may "bug" you about where you got them!

Oh Deer me!
You can adorn yourself with a stag star brooch or stag necklace, carry around your worldly goods in a stag purse & button up yourself into a fawn cardigan...what more could you ask for?

And there's plenty of more other critter goodies at the store......

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